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How to Choose the Best Bali Elopement Planner for Your Destination Wedding

How to Find the Perfect Elopement Planner in Bali

Once you’ve decided that you want to elope in Bali, the fun begins! It’s time to start finding your dream vendors to bring your perfect elopement to life. With all destination elopements, I recommend that my couples find their Bali elopement photographer and planner first - because they’re the ones that are going to be most important throughout the planning process.That’s why I’m so pleased to share that if you’re eloping in Bali, you don’t have to look any further for your photographer AND your planner! I’ve been lucky enough to call Bali my home away from home and I’m a leading expert in planning your dream Bali elopement. I’m here to help couples as their photographer and elopement planner!

4 Reasons You Should Use Thin Spaces Productions to Plan Your Elopement

1) I’ll be serving two complementary roles.

As your photographer, I’m going to want to help you find a location for your elopement that’s beautiful and full of great light. As your elopement planner, I’m also looking for locations that are easy to access and exactly what you’re dreaming of. By being able to bring both roles to the table, I can help you find the perfect location for every moment of your elopement! I’m looking at each space and venue with both lenses - and ensuring they also meet the vision that you have! Given my experience as a Bali wedding photographer, I also know some of the secrets of this beautiful island to help you have the best experience possible!

2) I want you to have an unforgettable elopement and trip to Bali.

Bali truly is my home away from home. That means not only do I love working here - but I also love exploring. Destination elopements aren’t just about the actual ceremony or party. Instead, they’re about creating a full experience for you and your guests. I’m happy to provide suggestions to help you explore everything the island has to offer - from exceptional food and incredible views to adventures in the jungle and beautiful villages. I want to help you find the best activities to make your Bali elopement unforgettable!

3) Save some money by using me for two roles!

Since I can help you as both your wedding photographer and planner, you’ll be saving some money! Even though elopements are typically less expensive than traditional weddings, finding ways to save money on your trip and vendors can allow you to use your funds where they really matter to you. By using my expertise as a Bali wedding and elopement photographer to also help you plan a unique and unforgettable elopement, there’s less to manage and less money to spend - that’s a win in my book!

4) Our services mean you don’t need to hire as many vendors.

Our team at Thin Spaces Productions offers both photography AND videography collections (as well as POV content creation, a new offering!). For elopements, that means if you use me for your photography, videography, and planning needs - you’ll only need to hire a florist to round out your elopement vendors. Of course, if you want to book additional vendors, that’s 100% cool. But for the bare minimum for an unforgettable Bali elopement, you’re almost completely covered! Elopements should be low stress and I strive to ensure that my couples can enjoy the process and their big day, without all the extra worrying and planning.

The bottom line: using our team at Thin Spaces Productions for photography and planning for your Bali elopement will keep you less stressed and spending less money. That means more time and energy can go into planning an incredible trip to the most beautiful island! Instead of spending 50K on your traditional wedding, spend the fraction of the cost and get so much more out of your experience. We’re here to bring all of your dreams to life!

couple holds hands in front of waterfall in Bali after elopement


How to choose the best Bali elopement planner for your destination wedding: Anna Claire of Thin Spaces Productions shares how to find your planner

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I am most passionate about travel, meeting new people, and storytelling. Which is exactly why I created Thin Spaces Productions to combine all of my loves into one mission. After graduating college, I moved to South East Asia to be a travel photographer. It wasn’t long until I started shooting elopements.

South East Asia has completely captured my heart, which is why I love helping couples plan their elopement in Bali. I have found that Bali is one of the most beautiful places on earth which also unlocks your inner child. It has become a little piece of my heart that I cannot wait to share with you.


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