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5 Reasons why hiring Joelle Parks Events for your Charlotte wedding is worth the investment!

Congrats on getting engaged! Getting married is one of the most exciting seasons in your life. Now cue the Pinterest board to start envisioning the wedding of your dreams. Planning a wedding is fun right? Well it is, until it isn’t. Let’s be honest you are a busy living a full life and don’t have time to think about the thousands of boring details that it takes to make a wedding happen. I cannot emphasize how important hiring a wedding planner is  to make sure that you stay stress free while having the wedding of your dreams.

The catcher is that not all wedding planners are created equal. Every planner should take stress off your plate, make your budget stretch farther, and allow your day to run smoothly without any hiccups. However there are very few wedding planners that will make your wedding feel like pure MAGIC. As a photographer based in Charlotte, NC I have worked with many wedding planners in the area and Joelle Parks Events Co stands out as the very top in the industry. 

If you are getting married in Charlotte, NC here are 5 reasons why you should hire Joelle Parks Events Co for all of your wedding planning needs: 

1. Your personality will be reflected in every detail

It’s no surprise that weddings are starting to look more alike with growing trends. However Joelle gives brides and grooms the space to be themselves on their wedding day in order to be fully present. I have captured many weddings that she has designed and planned and they all FEEL like the personality of the couple getting married. One of my favorites was Jamie & Matt’s intimate wedding at Brown Mountain Beach Resort. They were a rockstar couple with BIG personalities, and their wedding reflected just that. Their live band was carefully selected by Joelle’s team to be interactive with guest. Jamie & Matt shared a few songs on stage with their hair blowing in the wind creating a core memory for themselves and their guests.  As fun as their wedding was, it was just as elegant with flowers dripping everywhere and hundreds of candles setting the romantic mood. Joelle has a detailed planning system where she will curate every detail to reflect YOU! 

Curious how Joelle put together such an exciting wedding, check out Jaime & Matt’s wedding film here: 

2. Your weddings will be Eco-Friendly 

Did you know that the average wedding in the United States produces over 400 pounds of waste?! Yikes, the wedding industry isn’t mindful of this which is why being Eco-Friendly is one of Joelle Parks Events Co biggest core values. She is conscious about lowering every weddings carbon footprint without compromising excellence. At the end of every wedding, Joelle sends stats to every vendor about what items were recycled, donated, and rented compared to the national average. Now that is something everyone can feel better about. Choosing to be green on your wedding day is sexy. Let’s continue enjoying beauty of the world around us and hire a wedding planner that makes this a priory. 

3. Your wedding will have the best vendors to bring

your vision to life!

I have been in the wedding industry for years and have not seen a planner that is more connected in the Charlotte area. Joelle Parks Events Co always has the very best and most professional vendors at every wedding to make sure that the day goes on without a hitch. A lot of things happen in this industry on a “who you know” basis and because of their reputation they have access to venues and resources that some planners wish to have. Their weddings and styled shoots are so incredible that she has been published numerous times. 

Check out her exclusive styled shoot at the Charlotte Mint Museum:

4. Your wedding will feel intimate, no matter how many guests you decide to invite

Joelle’s team has a knack for the small details that will make your wedding feel so warm and inviting. At one of their winter weddings they had hot coco in personal mugs for guests to sip on as they found their seats for an outdoor ceremony. Another wedding they used post cards as table numbers from different national parks that the couple visited while dating. When planning a wedding small details often go to the wayside, however Joelle’s team prioritizes them to be enjoyed by everyone attending your wedding. 

Check out this intimate mountain wedding in North Carolina:

5. You can have peace of mind that Joelle’s team is the definition of professional

As the point person for your wedding, couples should vet every wedding planner they consider. The wedding industry is saturated with different levels of expertise and it is important that couples do their research so that they come out the other side without regrets. It is important that every vendor you work with has an LLC, contract, insurance, and on boarding process, so that you know exactly what you are getting for their services. It is also ok to ask how many weddings they have worked or how many years they have been in business. Joelle’s team goes over and beyond to make sure that all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed and they have the experience to handle any situation that will arise.  Joelle Parks

Event’s Co will make sure that you are well taken care of and will hold your hand through the entire process. 

If you are getting married in Charlotte, NC Joelle Parks Events Co will help plan the wedding of your dreams. Stop stressing about overwhelming details and let her do all of your heavy lifting. You deserve to enjoy celebrating your engagement without any hassle. 

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