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Why You Need a POV Content Creator on Your Wedding Day

why you need a POV content creator on your wedding day shared by Charlotte wedding photographer Thin Spaces Productions

There’s not much that I love more than getting to photograph a wedding day or create a magical wedding video for my couples to look back on. I’m part of the storytelling of their wedding day and it always feels so gratifying. But, recently, I’ve begun to feel as though something was missing in the way their story was documented. Introducing...

The MRS POV: Your Wedding Day POV Content Creator

That’s why I’m so pleased to be sharing that I’m now offering the MRS POV: Content Creation on your wedding day! This is a new, up and coming service available for couples who want to experience their wedding day as a full 24-hours, not just the highlights in their photos or videos. I truly believe every couple needs this unique service for their wedding day and I’m so excited to be sharing more about wedding content creation with you!

why you need a POV content creator on your wedding day shared by Charlotte wedding photographer Thin Spaces Productions

What is a POV content creator?

A POV content creator is basically your personal paparazzi who will take videos of your wedding day directly on their iPhone. At the end of the wedding they will share their raw footage directly to your phone for you to view instantly. They will work around your photographer to capture your wedding events unfold throughout the day. You can make special requests for a shot list and can even pick out IG or Tik Tok trends for your POV shooter to capture. Their job is to capture the special moments happening around you, and create all those fun memories (like TikTok trends) that you don’t need to worry about remembering in the middle of your day.

groom picks up bride dipping her backwards on top of Charlotte parking garage during elopement
Why hire a wedding content creator?

Many couples come to regret not having enough footage of their wedding day. While your wedding photography and videography are still important, they don’t always capture every moment of the day. With the MRS POV, you can now get hundreds more videos and photos of all parts of your celebration - including moments you might have missed. A wedding content creator will be with you all day long, capturing photos and videos that you’ll receive within 24 hours of your event. You get all of the raw footage - and don’t have to hope your guests remember to share their own photos and videos with you after the fact. The bottom line is that a wedding content creator is capturing a “real” experience of your wedding day - that you can receive right away to begin enjoying!

How does the MRS POV work?

The Day of your wedding, a POV content creator is onsite for your full wedding timeline. They’re going to stay with you, capturing photos and videos that you can enjoy as soon as the NEXT DAY. No waiting around for a full finished film. Instead, you’ll receive the unedited footage to do with as you please. No more chasing down family members or worrying if a videographer is outside of your budget.

FAQs about the MRS POV and Content Creators

How do I add on the MRS POV to my package?

Just let us know! The MRS POV is $800 as an a la cart item if you already booked a Thin Spaces Wedding Collection or $950 if you have a photographer and videographer through a different vendor. This is such a great add-on to your luxury wedding day in Charlotte or worldwide!

Do you replace a photo/videographer?

I am NOT replacing your photographer or videographer. This is an additional service! I will provide photos + videos to look back on within 24 hours of your special day but they are unedited and taken on an iPhone. This should absolutely not replace a photographer or videographer. Instead, consider it another set of eyes to capture the full experience of your wedding day - with a faster turnaround time.

The MRS Point of View offers same day content from a glorified "guest perspective" and you get to relive your entire wedding day/event the NEXT MORNING - no wait times! My mission is to capture a more "real" experience of your special day that you receive instantly on your phone. It's just another great way to enjoy reliving your wedding day or elopement!

why you need a POV content creator on your wedding day shared by Charlotte wedding photographer Thin Spaces Productions
Can I share your content with my vendors?

Of course! Please feel free to share the content I take with your vendors, I just ask they please tag me on any platform they post my content on!

Can you help me make a Tik Tok I saw?

We’re happy to help you create videos that match trends on Tik Tok or Reels that you might want to share, so don’t be afraid to ask! We’re here to bring your vision to life!

Interested in the MRS POV experience to add onto your luxury wedding day experience with Thin Spaces Productions? Let’s talk!


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I am a Charlotte luxury wedding photographer and destination elopement photographer available to capture your unique wedding day.


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