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5 Best Reasons to Elope: Tips from Destination Elopement Photographer

bride and groom hug on hill in Scotland during elopement

What if I told you that there is no ONE right way to get married? Or that you can fly to your dream destination with your favorite person and get married on that beach you've always dreamt of? There are no rules when it comes to your perfect wedding day. Eloping is having an authentic wedding experience where the focus of the day is actually about YOU and your LOVE STORY. Getting married no longer needs to adhere to any expectations other than your own. Picture the best day ever from the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed. As a destination elopement and adventure photographer, I want to share the best reasons to elope anywhere in the world that speaks to you!

bride and groom kiss in field during Scotland elopement

5 Reasons to Elope Around the World

1. Travel To Your Dream Location for Your Elopement!

Wedding and honeymoon in one trip? Everyone has a dream location that they are itching to visit, but haven’t brought themselves to justify the cost or time away. Getting married is the best excuse to finally go. Why should you say “I do” at a local country club down the road when you could exchange your vows in one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring places in the world? A destination elopement is the perfect way to extend your honeymoon at your dream location as well. You can actually enjoy your travel experience instead of needing to recuperate from a stressful traditional wedding that you secretly are glad is over. Eloping means your entire wedding & honeymoon from start to finish is an adventurous vacation.

2. The Focus Is On You And Your Beloved

The saddest truth that I hear frequently with my traditional wedding couples is that their favorite part of their wedding day is when it’s over. This is heartbreaking, but no surprise. The reason that they feel this way is because wedding planning is incredibly stressful. Couples spend months, sometimes even years, planning logistics for a day that becomes so overwhelmed with unnecessary traditions and familial expectations... it’s not even about them anymore. I watch many of my couples become so wrapped up in the chaos of their big day, they hardly even spend time together.

The true meaning of their wedding day becomes lost, and I witness many of my couples walk away exhausted and depleted. Eloping allows couples to spend intimate, meaningful time with one another and truly focuses on the vows that they exchange on their wedding day. Ask yourself; why would you want to start your marriage burnt out, when you could start it feeling renewed and inspired?

3. Money Is Spent On Making Memories

In the United States, the average cost of a wedding is $33,931 - and that’s on the low end. Most of the money invested into a traditional wedding is spent on “stuff” that is thrown away and forgotten about the very next day. What if you could take a fraction of the cost to go on a dream bucket list trip to celebrate with your honey? Stay at an Air BNB overlooking an epic view, book a helicopter tour, have a 5-course meal (every night!). Invest in things for your elopement that would make YOU happy and create lasting memories instead of throwing an expensive party for your guests, their plus ones (strangers), and the third cousins you never wanted to invite in the first place

4. No Family Drama

We all have relatives who are difficult where the thought of seeing them next is more stressful than a blessing. Uncle Steve anyone? Maybe you are being pressured to invite distant family members to your wedding that you barely know in order to avoid offending anyone. Whatever the reason may be, if trying to accommodate and impress a large quest list makes you queasy, eloping might be a great choice for you. Eloping doesn't mean you have to get married alone. Oftentimes it means that you're choosing to get married surrounded by only those closest to you instead.

5. Every Elopement Is Unique

Every elopement is completely unique and special - there are no templates to follow, no family members to please, and no guests to impress. You are completely free to get married the way you want to and create a day that revolves around what's most important. You and your partner are the focus. That's got to be the #1 reason to elope!!

Anything goes on an elopement day and it can be overwhelming to have no limitations - but that's why I'm here! Not only am I here to tell the story of your elopement day, but I'm also here to help you create it. I love the process of diving deep with my couples to make their magical wedding day adventure a reality - completely stress-free!

couple reaches for each other's hands with moon behind them during elopement

elopement photographer Anna Claire of Thin Spaces Productions holds vintage camera laughing in tan chair

Hi, I'm Anna Claire!

Your Elopement

Photographer & Guide

A lover of adventure and travel, it’s my dream to tell stories of love all over the globe. My home base is in Charlotte, NC, but if your wedding is taking place anywhere else - say no more. As I like to say, if there’s a love, there’s a way.

I am a Charlotte luxury wedding photographer and destination elopement photographer available to capture your unique wedding day.


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