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The Best Places to Elope on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

the best places to elope on the Isle of Skye in Scotland shared by destination elopement photographer Thin Spaces Productions

Scotland is one of the most magical locations to visit in Europe. It’s famous for it’s scenery, landscapes, and delicious food and drink. While there’s so many places you can choose for beautiful destination elopement, I recommend starting with the Island of Skye. This island is a world class destination for walkers and adventurous souls. But it’s also just stunning and houses a few of the best places to elope in Scotland.

The Best Places to Elope on the Isle of Skye

All of the locations I’m sharing today are on the Isle of Skye, with about 2 hours between each of them. Each location requires a walk/hike but it’s so worth it. The views here are nothing short of incredible. If you’re dreaming of a romantic and moody Scottish elopement, then check out these dreamy places to elope on the Isle of Skye.

#1: The Fairy Pools

One of the most magical places you can elope in Scotland are the fairy pools on the Isle of Skye. These pools are beautiful – crystal clear and blue. They’re incredible to see – and swim in if you’re brave enough for the cold water! The Fair Pools provide such a beautiful backdrop for your elopement ceremony and portraits afterwards. Along the walk to the pools, you’ll see other waterfalls and the river. It’s a pretty easy and short walk!

#2: Old Man of Storr

The Old Man of Storr is one of the most well-known walks on the Isle of Skye. Because of that, it can be a bit busier here than in other locations. But, that’s no reason to cross it off the list! This area is known for it’s rock formations – the “Old Man” is the largest pinnacle and can be seen for miles around. If you’re looking or a fun landmark to include in your portraits or as a backdrop for your ceremony, consider this spot! The Old Man of Storr is one of the most photographed Scottish landscapes, which is also super cool.

#3: The Quiraing

The Quiraing walk is one of the longer ones you can complete on the Isle of Skye. It’s a loop and brings you back where you start, but can take a few hours to go the whole way. However, this walk is full of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area. It’s another dreamy option for your elopement! The Quiraing is known for it’s beautiful high cliffs, plateaus, and rock formations. This is an incredible spot to capture on a clear day but will also make for some truly dramatic portraits if the weather is less than stellar. A note on The Quiraing: it’s one of the more difficult walks, so consider that when deciding if you want to have your ceremony somewhere in the middle of the walk. Remember, elopements are all about what YOU want and envision, so if that’s the plan, I’m down for it!

#4: The House of Juniper

This beautiful Airbnb is a wonderful spot to stay for your elopement in Scotland. It’s located on the Isle of Skye, so you’re not far from any of the beautiful locations above. The House of Juniper is made up of 7 luxurious cabins that create a super peaceful vibe for your stay. Consider adding on a romantic (and sexy!) portrait session after your elopement in these gorgeous spaces. I love all of the wooden details and private verandas for each cabin. The House of Juniper also offers spa facilities and vegan breakfast options, making it truly ideal for everyone.

Elopements in Scotland are always so dreamy, no matter where you choose to have your ceremony. There’s just something about the land here that makes everything feel so magical and unique. Read more tips about why you should plan an elopement in Scotland and what to consider while planning.

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the best places to elope on the Isle of Skye in Scotland shared by destination elopement photographer Thin Spaces Productions

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