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Why We’re the Best Wedding Videographer in Charlotte NC

Thin Spaces Productions is known for both our videography and photography services throughout the Charlotte, NC area and worldwide. I want my couples to know that their entire wedding day is being captured - by one, handpicked team - to ensure a gorgeous and cohesive final wedding video and photo album. My team takes the stress out of planning how your wedding day will be documented and preserved for years to come! We’ve earned the title of the best wedding videographer in Charlotte, NC and I want to share why we stand apart from other photo and video teams!

Charlotte and destination wedding videographer Anna Claire of Thin Spaces Productions sits in chair

When you work with Thin Spaces Productions, you get the expertise of my entire team. Honestly, working with them is pure magic because we’ve done this together for awhile and captured many incredible weddings as a team.

Having a Thin Spaces team avoids the hassle, awkwardness, and disconnect of the photographers and videographers meeting for the first time on your wedding day. Instead, we have the same quality and style, plus one easy booking process and lots of awesome communication from all of us. Our team takes pride in creating art you’ll cherish forever.

Why You Should Work with Thin Spaces Productions:

the best wedding videographer in Charlotte

We listen to our client needs.

It is important for us to get to know our clients on a more personal level. It’s important that we take the time to meet with them over a series of calls, as well as questionnaires to determine what matters most to you. Every wedding day is unique and we want to make sure we document it in a way that’s going to make you both happy! Our questionnaire isn’t just about getting your shot list. Instead, it’s to understand the music you like, how you’d describe your wedding, and what feeling you want to have when watching your final wedding film. Understanding what matters to you means we can create a unique, one of a kind film for your wedding day!

Every wedding film is different and created with you in mind.

Each and every wedding film is different - just like every couple we work with. Your wedding film is about truly capturing the love story, wedding day as it’s presented, and your vibe. It’s not just about filming and throwing together a little clip. Instead, we want to create something that’s truly YOU in a film. None of our films look the same - there’s no prescribed template to follow. Instead, as we get to know you - before the wedding day and throughout your celebration - we can create something magical for you to enjoy. Whether your wedding is a wild dance party or a worshipful day, we will tell your unique day in a way that is completely you.

Our videography team has lots of experience.

The owner of Thin Spaces Productions, Anna Claire (that’s me!), has shot over 100 weddings all over the world - including the weddings of two billionaires. My career began in film school and I became a travel photographer not long after that. I love capturing wedding days all over the world (Bali and Scotland are two of my favorite places to go!). During the pandemic, I began to pivot my brand into more luxury weddings. Each and every wedding day teaches me something about myself, my work, and how to create even more meaningful and beautiful films for my couples every year.

We personally work on each film that comes through our studio.

One point of pride for the team at Thin Spaces Productions is that we don’t outsource our video editing. Every clip that we film and edit is done by our own team. It’s important to us to control the quality of every video and ensure that your beautiful wedding day is documented in a luxury wedding film that will be enjoyed for years to come. We review every clip from the wedding day and carefully cultivate every single love story so that you know you’re getting the highest quality film possible.

The Thin Spaces Productions team wants you to feel comfortable.

luxury wedding videographer Anna Claire of Thin Spaces Productions sits in chair in black and white

Not every couple likes being the center of attention - even on their wedding day. We’ve talked with hundreds of couples who are worried about being “awkward” in front of the camera. Our team is here to make you feel super comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t know what to do with your hands? We got you. Aren’t sure how to pose or what to do during your wedding’s special moments? We’re here for you! We make you feel your most natural self, so that you can have the best wedding day ever - and so that we can capture your most authentic and genuine self on video.

Finding the perfect wedding videographer for you is about more than just loving their films. It’s important that you feel comfortable and confident with the vendor you hire. If you’re looking for your luxury wedding videographer in Charlotte (or around the world!), fill out our contact form below and let’s chat. We want you to have the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of - and the wedding video to prove it!


Charlotte luxury wedding photographer and videographer Anna Claire of Thin Spaces Productions laughs holding camera

Cheers, I'm


A lover of adventure and travel, it’s my dream to tell stories of love all over the globe. My home base is in Charlotte, NC, but if your wedding is taking place anywhere else - say no more. As I like to say, if there’s a love, there’s a way.

I am a Charlotte luxury wedding photographer and destination elopement photographer available to capture your unique wedding day.


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