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Carolina Treehouse Adventure Portrait Session in Charlotte NC

The Most Magical Treehouse for Your Adventure Session

If you’ve been looking for a reason to plan a couples portrait session, this blog is your sign! I’m sharing one of the most beautiful places I’ve been lately, right here in Charlotte NC! I visited the Carolina Treehouse, a gorgeous AirBnb rental with Amanda and Michael for their adventure portrait session.

Now, I’m pretty much obsessed with this incredible treehouse rental.

married couple hugs on porch of Caroline Treehouse during adventure portrait session

Introducing the Carolina Treehouse...

The Carolina Treehouse was built with dreamers in mind. Alyssa and Brian, the airbnb hosts, wanted to build a place where people could rest, reflect, and reset. The treehouse has a waterfront view, including its own private dock, a Queen bed, an outside swinging bed, and a dedicated place to work. The home feels stylish and chic, all while being tucked away in the Carolina woods. It’s magical, romantic, and just amazing. The pictures on the airbnb listing don’t do this place justice. The Carolina Treehouse is cozy and I just adored every minute on the property.

What is an Adventure Portrait Session?

Adventure portrait sessions are some of my favorite sessions to photograph. They’re basically a date - or a night in - where I get to tag along with my camera and capture you together. These sessions can be as adventurous or laid back as you want. From hiking to a day in the treehouse to the mountains of Peru, I’ve got you covered! These sessions are unique and totally you - which is probably what I love the most about them. I want it to feel like I’m really capturing who you are together.

Carolina Treehouse Adventure Portrait Session

Amanda is another photographer in the area, and she reached out to me about an intimate adventure portrait session! She hasn’t been in front of the camera in awhile but wanted to do something special for her anniversary with her husband, Michael. With a 3 year old at home and the busyness of running two successful businesses, it makes it tricky to get away. But, they came up with a perfect plan to book an airbnb near their home in order to have a staycation together.

For their portrait session, I wanted her and Michael to just relax together. This trip was all about resetting and reconnecting, while celebrating their beautiful marriage. Our session began with them cuddling up together in the kitchen. The dark green walls were INCREDIBLE and I loved using it as a backdrop.

We explored the airbnb and pond outside, really allowing them to just BE together. Amanda and Michael held hands, talking about what’s been going on and how much they adore each other. We ended the session with them cuddling on the outdoor bed. With the quiet view of the lake, it was so peaceful.

Amanda told me later that their adventure portrait session felt just like a date and that I made her and her husband feel so comfortable. That’s what these sessions are all about!


Ready for your own adventure portrait session?

If you’re planning your own romantic trip (especially to the Carolina Treehouse!), consider booking an Adventure portrait session to capture your memories for years to come. It’s way better than selfies, and a wonderful way to work an extra date night into your plans, too!

Book a Night at the Carolina Treehouse

Photographer for Your Romantic Getaway:

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A lover of adventure and travel, it’s my dream to tell stories of love all over the globe. My home base is in Charlotte, NC, but if your wedding is taking place anywhere else - say no more. As I like to say, if there’s a love, there’s a way.

I am a Charlotte luxury wedding photographer and destination elopement photographer available to capture your unique wedding day.


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