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3 Reasons to Get Married at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

married couple walks through greenhouse at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Why Daniel Stowe Wedding Venue is North Carolina's Best Kept Secret

Charlotte, NC has some of the most beautiful and unique venues to get married at – including the stunning Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. Recently, I photographed Gesell and Andrew’s gorgeous wedding at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. I loved spending the day at this venue and wanted to share it with other couples who are planning their own dream weddings!

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Wedding

Gesell and Andrew actually tied the knot during the pandemic, but they wanted to plan a celebration with their loved ones at a magical place. With the help of my dear friend, Imagine This Events, they brought a dreamy wedding celebration to life at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. Gesell and Andrew’s wedding was full of tenderness and laughter. It was Gesell’s dream to get married at peak spring when everything would be in bloom. Last year at this time, the flowers had not yet come out, but this year everything was out in its full glory. I like to think that the flowers were blessing her on her wedding day! I actually met these beautiful people because of one of the first couples I ever served. That couple was at Gesell and Andrew’s wedding day, so it was a truly special full-circle moment for me, too. Congrats Gesell and Andrew on your forever! 💗

Why You Should Get Married at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

As you look through Gesell and Andrew’s wedding portraits, you’ll quickly see how magical this venue is. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is such a unique place to get married! It’s the region’s only tropical conservatory and it gives off all of those vibes I love so much (hello, Bali!). Here’s three reasons you should consider Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden for your wedding venue!

bride and groom hold hands walking through greenhouse at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is close to Uptown Charlotte.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is technically located in Belmont, NC. That’s about 30 minutes from Uptown Charlotte, which means that it’s convenient for you, your guests, and your vendors. You’ll be able to have some of the most talented vendors in the area help design and execute your wedding – looking at you Imagine This Events! Plus, 30 minutes from the city means that your guests can stay in one of the most beautiful areas in Charlotte and still easily get to your wedding celebration.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is a garden oasis.

If you’re someone like me who loves tropical vibes but doesn’t want to travel or plan a destination wedding, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden could be the next best option! Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden hosts the Orchid Conservatory and other beautiful tropical plants all around. Bring the tropics to your city wedding! It’s seriously such a dreamy venue – and I love photographing couples in all of the greenery, the greenhouse, and exotic plants.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden can accommodate your wedding.

This unique venue is perfect for all size weddings. Whether you want something intimate with your closest family and friends or a big celebration, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden can make it happen. There’s lots of beautiful displays and gardens for your guests to explore, too. Bringing your dreams to life is so much easier when you have a gorgeous backdrop like these gardens.

As you can probably tell… I’m a little bit obsessed with Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden and it’s fun tropical vibes. If you’re looking for an easy way to bring a tropical wedding to life near Charlotte, look no further!


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