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10 Reasons To Get Married At The Ivory Barn

A Dreamy Huntersville NC Wedding Venue

bride and groom hold hands cheering walking up aisle after ceremony at The Ivory Barn

The Ivory Barn is the hottest new wedding venue located in Huntersville, NC. There is a reason for all of the buzz: The Ivory Barn is the most elegant and regal place to have an outdoor wedding in the area. Beautiful during every season, the property is equipped with stunning views, tall regal ceilings, posh dressing suites, and an outdoor patio for making countless memories under bistro lights. This up-and-coming venue is opening its doors this year in 2023 and is ready for interested couples to book a tour.

Still on the fence about booking The Ivory Barn for your big day?

Here are 10 reasons why you should definitely book the Ivory Barn for your romantic wedding day!

bride in strapless wedding dress holds groom's forehead to hers at sunset outside The Ivory Barn

1. The Outdoor Pavilion Weather Proofs Your Wedding Day

Couples can book the Ivory Barn for any season of the year without worrying about rain or weather hurting their big day. Having a ceremony in the pavilion allows guests to experience stunning views and a nice breeze during the summer months, too!

2. Beautiful Whimsical Meadows

The Ivory Barn sits on 11 acres of lush, green meadows, creating a beautiful backdrop for your day. There is plenty of space to make your wedding unique including a designated area for food trucks! I'm all about open spaces for romantic portraits - and anything that makes your day easier to navigate for your vendor team, too. Definitely a win-win spot on the property at The Ivory Barn.

3. Swanky Bar To Enjoy a Drink

This beautifully crafted wooden bar inside The Ivory Barn will wow your guests as they order specialty drinks and mingle. It's a wonderful feature - and great location for portraits with your new spouse, too!

bride sits at bar inside The Ivory Barn while husband touches her thigh

4. Warm Fire Pit on the Patio

The patio at The Ivory Barn is a great place to retreat with friends or cuddle around the fire with your significant other as the night cools off. When the sun goes down the market lights will dazzle, creating a magical atmosphere for you and your guests to relax.

groom leads bride across field at The Ivory Barn at sunset

5. The Bathrooms are Connected to the Bridal & Groom Suite

Having connecting bathrooms to the getting ready suite provides plenty of space to get ready while remaining hidden before the ceremony. I'm all about anything that makes getting ready run smoothly stress-free for you and your wedding party!

bride spreads perfume onto her forearm during prep at The Ivory Barn

6. There is a Church Bell to Announce your “I Do”

This is a fun reason to book the The Ivory Barn for your wedding: a real church bell hangs in the pavilion! After the ceremony, every couple can pull the rope together to solidify the ceremony and announce it to their guests. it's such a great and unique moment for couples!

7. The Grand Entrance is Marked by a Romantic Windy Path

The long windy pathway from the patio to the pavilion will prolong the grand entrance to the ceremony. It will allows for a truly special moment for both brides and grooms - what a way to arrive at your ceremony!

groom cries watching bride walk down aisle at The Ivory Barn open air wedding pavilion

8. There are Tons of Locations for Photos

From the architectural details in the barn to the colors in the Bridal suite everything is designed to be photographed. Even the bathroom is photogenic! Don’t believe me? Just check out the photos below! Lots of locations for photos means a happy wedding photographer - and a gorgeous final gallery for couples!

 bride sits on makeup bar inside suite at The Ivory Barn

9. Amazing Location

The Ivory Barn is only 20 minutes from Charlotte, NC. Being so close to the city makes it easy to Uber to and from any event for your guests and still gives you the hidden vibes country you're looking for. The venue is tucked in between farmland, giving off the feeling that it is in the middle of nowhere. Yet, it's still super accessible for your vendors and your guests.

bride sits at vanity inside bridal suite at The Ivory Barn

And Lastly...

10. No Hidden Fees!

What you are quoted is what you get at The Ivory Barn. There are no sneaky fees that might make their way in that you were unprepared for when budgeting your wedding day! Weddings are expensive and knowing that the number you see on your paperwork IS the final number is a huge deal. The Ivory Barn makes it so easy for couples to feel at ease with their decision!

groom pours champagne down tower of glasses as bride looks up at him


destination wedding and elopement photographer Thin Spaces Productions

Need a Photographer?


I am a Charlotte based wedding photographer & film maker. The Ivory Barn is one of my very favorite venues to shoot at. Fun fact, I was the photographer behind the Ivory Barn's Grand Opening Event! I know all of the best locations and where the best lighting will be to capture your favorite moments. I've captured unique love stories and earned recognition in major magazines and from high-profile clients, including celebrities. It's incredibly rewarding to deliver work that moves my clients to tears. Every day, I'm grateful to be living my dream, creating lasting memories through my lens.

Shout out to amazing Charlotte NC wedding vendors who featured the grand opening of The Ivory Barn!


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