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CLT Singles Society

Murder Mystery Party

The Valentine's Murder Mystery Party was a night to die for! Just in time to grab a date for Valentine's Day!

  • 50 participants met at the Wine Vault in Elizabeth to meet, mingle, and celebrate Valentine's week together. This by far was our best dressed event we have seen to date. 

  • 12 participants shared love poems to the audience and a gallant performance. 

  • Sadly one of the participants died. However everyone was divided into small groups to interrogate suspects, problem solve, and strategize in order to solve the case. 

  • Despite a valiant effort from every team to solve the case, the murderer got away with killing Charity Homes. Justice was not served, but there is always next year!

Thank you everyone for attending and for making this event so special. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking a chance on yourself. If there are any success stories, we would love to hear from you @cltssinglessociety.

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