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CLT Singles Society

Red Clay Social

The Red Clay Cidery Social was the perfect event for Autumn, bringing together 85 individuals from various parts of Charlotte. There were a few familiar faces from the previous event, however the majority attendees were new.

  • The attendees had a great time, engaging in activities like corn hole, connect four, and mingling at the tables, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

  • One of the highlights of the event was the cider and cheese pairing experience, featuring popular ciders such as Bamlin Blackberry Cider, Queen City Common Cider, and Peach Crumble Cider, complemented by an assortment of bri, gouda, and white cheddar cheese. Fifty individuals participated in this tasting adventure, moving from table to table and rating each unique pairing.

A special thanks to everyone who attended, contributing to the event's success and making it another memorable evening. We would love to hear your success stories @cltssinglessociety. Cheers to a wonderful Autumn gathering! 🍂🍎🧀

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