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Mountain View Experience | Peru Adventure Session with Destination Wedding Photographer

man hugs woman in black swimsuit in hot tub in Peru

Peru is the perfect destination for those swept-off-their-feet kind of love stories!

When it comes to planning a romantic getaway, Peru may not be the first destination that comes to mind. But let me tell you, after spending two magical weeks exploring all the wonders this beautiful country has to offer, I have fallen head over heels, and I know you will too!

Peru is a treasure trove of adventure and mystery, making it the perfect destination for those swept-off-their-feet kind of love stories. That's exactly why Martina and Stee visited all the way from Switzerland before officially tying the knot. We planned a romantic adventure portrait session at their gorgeous resort.

If you are looking to follow in their footsteps, one experience you simply cannot miss is a night at the Mountain View Experience. Take a peek at the two-day luxury adventure portrait session we captured in this stunning location!

Take a Look Inside Martina & Stee's Adventure Session at Mountain View Experience:

Tucked in-between mountains located in the Sacred Valley are 10 quaint A-framed luxury styled Tipis. Every Tipi faces the Andes Mountains range so that Martina & Stee could enjoy waking up to a draw dropping sunrise each morning. Mountain View Experience's tipi included a romantic and steamy hot tub where they unwound every evening with a glass of wine in hand.

Friendly llamas often wandered over to say hello! The roaming llamas often put a smile on Martina & Stee's face because of their fuzzy coats and endearing personalities! They even requested to feed the llamas, which was a magical experience.

The resort had everything they needed right there on sight. There was a 5-star restaurant equipped with a well stocked bar at the rustic lodge. A favorite drink found at the lodge is the traditional Pisco Sour. During their stay, Martina and Stee tried every meal on the menu and were pleasantly surprised to experience such fine dining during such a remote getaway. They jokingly argued over who ordered the best meal each night. However they agreed that the trout dish was incredibly flavorful.

Martina and Stee booked a horseback riding experience since Martina had never ridden before. Their guide took them across farm lands where they sighted sheep, donkeys, and local farmers busy with traditional garment dyeing . They were treated to breathtaking views of the majestic mountains and the stunning skyline of the sacred valley that dotted the surrounding hills.

After their horseback ride in the heart of Peru, Martina & Stee made their way to a delicious picnic overlooking the plains. They enjoyed their own private company while eating homemade bread and cheeses, fresh fruit, and paired wine. The scene was straight out of a story book. The resort also offers ATVing, biking, and stand up paddle boarding. They can even book a private tours for guests which they fully took advantage of the next day.

After enjoying a complimentary breakfast, Martina and Stee eagerly decided to explore the Maras Salt Mines located only a half hour away from the resort. These mines consist of thousands of beautiful terraced pools that are filled with saltwater from natural springs. The scorching sun evaporates the water leaving behind a crust of salt that has been harvested for centuries. Visiting this unique tourist destination offers a fascinating insight into ancient Inca traditions. Martina and Stee enjoyed marveling at the wonders of this architectural masterpiece and soaking in the rich history it has to offer.

After their excursion, Martina & Stee wondered around the flower fields marveling at the beauty around them. They occasionally bent down to pick a flower or stopped to pet a curious animal that wondered over. Time seemed to stand still in that special place.

man hugs woman in blue shirt in flower fields near Peru's Mountain View Experience

Before their unforgettable weekend came to a close, Martina and Stee couldn’t help themselves to have one more Pisco Sour and another laugh at the lodge. They spent their last moments reminiscing on their weekend and dreaming about their future together. The friendly and attentive staff at the Mountain View Experience made their stay truly wonderful, and Martina and Stee are already daydreaming about their next visit!

man and woman sit in cozy lounge at Peru's Mountain View Experience

The Mountain View Experience Resort is the perfect destination for any couple looking for a romantic and adventure-filled getaway.


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