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CLT Singles Society

Pinhouse Social

The Pinhouse Social was a lively gathering, bringing together 80 individuals from various parts of Charlotte. There were a few familiar faces from the previous event, however the majority attendees were new.

  • 5 teams competed in the Duckpin Bowling, only one team took home the prize. Congrats Lane 2 Strangers! 

  • Mary Catherine won the giveaway from La Bella Boutique which includes an outfit from the Single Ready to Mingle line and a sponsored date. 

  • After a close vote from the crowd, Alex will be taking Mary Catherine on a date to the Apple Orchard. Stay tuned for updates on their journey on instagram. 

Thank you everyone for attending and for making this event so special. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking a chance on yourself. If there are any success stories, we would love to hear from you @cltssinglessociety.

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