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Capture the Essence of Your Love Story with a FREE Wedding Photo & Video Strategy Call


A Tailored Approach to Preserving Your Love Story 

At Thin Spaces, we bridge the gap between soul and story on your wedding day. That's why we offer a complimentary Wedding Photography & Videography Strategy Session, tailored to bring your dream wedding to life. 

What's Included In Our Strategy Call? 

1. Discover Your Love Story. 

Every couple has a unique journey. Share yours with us, and we’ll weave it into the fabric of your wedding photos and video.

2. Visualizing Your Wedding Day

Size, location, aesthetics - we cover every aspect of your wedding vision, ensuring each detail is captured just as you imagined.

3. Photography Style Analysis
Your style preferences are crucial. We delve into different photography and videography styles to find the one that best reflects your personality and love story.

4. Explore the Enchantment of Thin Spaces.

Gain exclusive access to our Thin Spaces Collections. Step into a world where each photo tells a story of elegance and allure, providing a glimpse into the magical possibilities for your own wedding.

5. Interactive Q&A Session

Got questions? We have answers. Talk to our industry experts as we address your concerns and ease your wedding planning worries. 

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Hi, I'm Anna Claire

Owner of Thin Spaces

I'm driven by passion in my career. Having traveled to over 40 countries, I've captured unique love stories and earned recognition in major magazines and from high-profile clients, including celebrities. It's incredibly rewarding to deliver work that moves my clients to tears. Every day, I'm grateful to be living my dream, creating lasting memories through my lens.

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